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Coaching for the future.

  • Research shows that 40% of dementia cases are linked to lifestyle factors. This means that areas of your life like sleep, exercise, nutrition, social activity, and stress management greatly influence the health of your brain as you age...and you have the power to positively influence those factors, especially with expert support.

  • SENSE is a structured, time-limited individual coaching program that emphasizes brain health education and helps clients learn how to optimize their daily habits. It is not designed to treat a mental health disorder (and thus, is not an insurance-covered service.)

  • We created this program through our work with countless clients in the traditional clinic who have received recommendations to improve their nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle factors as a means of improving their cognitive functioning but have been given no support in actually implementing them. Although well-meaning clinicians give out these recommendations and genuinely emphasize their importance, there are many barriers for clients to successfully change their lifestyles. Additionally, many clients would not end up in the traditional clinic with cognitive disorder diagnoses if they had effective support in building these habits early on. 

  • During this specialized 12-week program, you will work individually with one of our brain health experts to analyze and assess your habits in each of 5 critical areas - sleep, exercise, nutrition, social engagement and emotion/stress management. You will use effective approaches to set meaningful goals and you will learn evidence-based strategies to translate these goals into action. Meeting face-to-face on a weekly basis for 10 sessions, you will have accountability and expert support.

  • There are multiple approaches to this model currently. Our intention is to offer a distilled, simplified and sustainable approach to building a lifestyle that nurtures your brain’s health at all stages, from young adulthood through retirement and beyond. 


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