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Select from the following payment plan options for our SENSE program. 

All plans include 10 one-on-one visits with our brain health experts focused on creating your personal roadmap for lowering your risk of dementia and living a full and healthy life. 

  • SENSE Payment Plan (2 months)

    Every month
    2 installments
    Valid for 2 months
    • SENSE Program
  • SENSE Payment Plan (4 months)

    Every month
    4 installments
    Valid for 4 months
    • SENSE Program

Discover the SENSE program from Blueprint, the revolutionary, science-based program designed to decrease your risk of dementia. During the 10-session program, you'll work with a brain health expert one-on-one to focus on lifestyle changes that will enhance your brain health. With the SENSE program, you will learn how to make positive changes that will bring long term health benefits into your life. Experience the ultimate brain-boosting program from Blueprint.

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